Kingston 4th of July Celebration!

Our Goal: $40,000

Kingston 4th of July Celebration Plans for 2021

The Committee Needs Volunteers, Sponsors & Participants

The Kingston 4th of July Celebration Committee is currently working to try and make the 4th of July Parade, Music Festival and Fireworks Show happen this year. Governor Inslee has proclaimed the entire state would lift all Covid-19 related restrictions starting June 30th and the Committee is working on bringing back the 4th of July activities that can be safely hosted in accordance with the removal of Covid restrictions.

Operating with limited planning time, the Committee is working alongside Port, County and State officials to plan and deliver these events. To make it happen though, we are going to need the Kingston Community’s help.


There are still a lot of unknowns regarding the lifting of Covid restrictions and outdoor activities. We are proceeding under the assumption that whatever guidance we get from the Governor,relative to outdoor activities, they will not prohibit engaging in these activities. Should restrictions remain in place these activities will be cancelled.

Before the events can officially happen:

We need buy-in from the Port of Kingston and Kitsap County
Enough volunteer support must be secured,
Money to cover costs must be raised,
Enough people and groups need to register to participate/march in the parade.

All of this AND Kitsap County must move out of phase restrictions by the June 30th date Governor Inslee declared. If Kitsap County is mandated to stay in Phase 3 through July 4th these events cannot happen.

VOLUNTEERS: Normally the 4th of July festivities require a lot ofvolunteers to make the events possible. There are many simple tasks that need to happen before and the day of the 4th, we have jobs for everyone! Bring your friends and family to show your support for the Kingston community and give a little back by helping make these events possible. For more information, send an email to Kingston 4th of July.

PARADE: The Kingston 4th of July Parade is the foundation of our Celebration. The Committee will open registration for parade participants. We do expect to implement some restrictions on number of participants in the Parade in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

FIREWORKS: We are working with a new vendor this year and they are promising a fantastic show. If COVID restrictions are lifted by July 4th we will have public viewing of the fireworks at Mike Wallace Park in the Port of Kingston, as in years past.

OTHER JULY 4th ACTIVITIES: Other activities in the Kingston area include several events hosted by the Kingston Cove Yacht Club. The day starts with the traditional Pancake Breakfast at the KCYC clubhouse located at 25815 Washington Blvd NE, Kingston, WA. After the Parade bring the kids by for a free hot dog. Finish off the day in Mike Wallace Park listening to music at the KCYC Beer Tent where the club will be serving beer, wine and spirits. Over 21 only. For more info visit: Kingston Cove Yacht Club

NOTE: As a public safety measure, Tiny Town will not happen this year due to the difficulty in ensuring a safe and sanitary environment. Also, our vendor for the inflatable rides is no longer in business.  We hope to bring Tiny Town back next year

FUND RAISING: We want to thank everyone who has ever donated time or money to the Kingston 4th of July Celebration. We have had great support from our local businesses and our residents over the many years that these events have gone on.We especially want to thank everyone who gave money last year and allowed us to keep it for this year. Because of that we have a great head start on the funds we need to put on these events.

We need to raise another $6,000-10,000 to pay for the fireworks show, the parade and other incidentals we will need. Any funds raised this year that are not used will be deposited and used for next year’s events. To make a donation please click the red MAKE A DONATION button or, if you like, you can mail a check to

Kingston 4th of July Celebration
PO Box 1274 Kingston, WA 98346-1274

The Committee wants the community to know there would not even be a chance for these events to happen if it were not for the support of the Kingston community and our local businesses. Your support will ensure this is one of the best 4th of July Celebrations we’ve ever had.

Contact the Kingston 4th of July Celebration Committee for more details.

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